First Sign In to Google Apps

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The next page deals with setting up Outlook, but this is the initial sign in to the account.  You should have four (4) pieces of information - In this case I am using an account for Jane Doe, on the domain ...

1. Your User name : jane
2. E-mail Account :
3. Your Password : **********
4. Initial Page :

Signing In

Enter the 'Initial Page' in the browser of your choice, address line, and click [ GO ]. In my case, this is The actual CONTENTS of this page will depend on the setup done by the administrator - In general it should appear something like the following -

image ga-01001

The most important thing is the left side 'Sign in', blue underlined links. Again the actual view may vary, but you should find the sign-in area ... where is asks for you Username and Password. Fill in the Username and Password, and click [ Sign In ].

image ga-01002


Initial Setup

As usual the actual contents will vary, but in general is should say your full name, and login name, and 'Welcome' to Setup your account ...
(a) Select the Language: of your choice.
(b) Type the characters you see in the edit box below it.
(c) Review the terms of service, and when ready,
(d) click the [ I accept. Create my account ]

Future sign ins will bypass this screen.

image ga-01003
image ga-01004


Initial Page

Again the actual page contents may vary, but should appear something like the following. You should NOTE the upper right 'Sign out' link, for when you are finished. And there should be an 'Inbox (2)' link, showing you have two (or more) pieces of initial mail, and will give (part of) the subject line. Click on the 'Inbox (2)' link.

image ga-01005

Given the varied contents, you should see something like the following. Again note the top right should give you e-mail name, | Settings | Help | Sign out links.

If you intend to use Outlook, or some other 3rd Party e-mail client, that uses POP3, then you need to ENABLE the POP mail by clicking the 'Settings' link. This Google Apps help page also covers this information :-
- -

image ga-01006


Enabling POP3

There are MANY things for you to 'explore' on this page, but to enable POP3 e-mail you must click on the [ Forwarding and POP ] link.

image ga-01007

Again there are other things to explore here, but you must (.) Enable POP for all mail. Since this is a new account, then the 'from now' option is not very relevant. You can also choose what to do when mail messages are accessed with POP, the default being to keep a copy in the inbox. But the choices -
image ga-01008
are yours to make.

When you have ENABLED POP, you MUST click the [ Save Changes ] at the bottom.

image ga-01009

You should be returned to your Inbox, and it should show a confirmation of the change -
image ga-01010

If you wanted to verify the change, you can click the upper right 'Setting' link again, and then the 'Forwarding and POP' link, and you should now be able to read -
image ga-01011

If you are going to use Outlook, or another POP e-mail client, or even to get your email, then you can 'Sign out' of Goggle Apps now. Depending on the browser you are using, you may get the following warning dialog -

image ga-01012

Just click [ Yes ] every time. This seems a rather meaningless IE warning.

YOU ARE NOW READY TO SETUP THIS E-MAIL ACCOUNT IN OUTLOOK, or any other POP3 e-mail client, or view the e-mail using, or other similar web POP interfaces.

Geoff McLane.


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