PC / MAC Help


This page is for some MAC or PC, help ... Each is marked MAC, PC or BOTH, depending on the content ...

1. [PC] Create a Shortcut - As in unix, the power of a systems, is its ability to combine a group of actions, is very important. Microsoft Windows does that with 'shortcuts' ... these are ICON images, on your DESKTOP ... Double clicking one of them with the mouse begins that action ... makes life easier ... fun, even ;=))

2. [BOTH] Know your size terms - This is a difficult area, as the sizes, and speeds, continues to increase ... we have quite high familiarity with the suffix, Kilo, and Mega now gets used a lot in computer equipment and camera devices ... Do you know what comes NEXT ...

3. [BOTH] Google Apps - Very new. Another way Google can be ubiquitous ;=)) See http://google.com/a for details. After you have setup the system, as administrator, this page is for the first time a new User signs in to - we need new words to describe what it is - it is email combined with web pages, and other things. I think the name 'Google Apps' says it all ;=))

4. [PC] Outlook E-mail - This page gives some pointers on configuring a new e-mail account into Outlook. This is for the specific 2002 version, but the general idea applies to all version.

5. [BOTH] Google Apps Email - A quick start guide to Google Apps email.

6. [MAC] Apple Mail - Setting up your new Google Apps email account in Apple Mail.

7. [BOTH] ImageMagick - A powerful set of command line image manipulation tools.

8. [PC] Network and Sharing - A general Microsoft Windows XP overview of some Network items, and folder sharing.


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