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Enter a screen handle name, and click the [Join Chat] button. The 'handle' name may only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and dashes ... and you will get an error if someone else is already using that 'handle' ... just choose another one ;=))


Notes: Since this 'chat room' uses javascript, and cookies, of course javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser. And since polling each second or so is used to update the messages, there may be a short delays between putting an entry, and it appearing in the 'chat' message area.

Unless there are others already in the 'chat room', until you make arrangements for a friend to join you, at a specific time, you can 'chat' with yourself, as an experiment ;=)) You usually need a browser which puts up new windows, rather than within a tab group. Open one browser window, choose a screen name, and 'join' the chat ... then open a second copy of the browser, or use another browser, choose another 'handle' and join the 'chat' ... what is entered in one window should appear in the other ... have fun, then set a time to join, and 'chat' with a friend ... for free ... from anywhere to anywhere ...

Many thanks to Jon at for coding this simple, but effective, PHP, MySQL, javascript 'chat' application.

This 'clock' table shows the approximate time in various zones around the world - it may NOT be the correct time, error of +/-2 hours, but may help you schedule a 'chat' time with your friends!

Enjoy 'chatting' - as always with the web, take care about putting any private information into a 'chat room' conversation ... such information is transmitted over the web un-encrypted, and can be read by all others in the 'chat room' at that time.